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When one of your hosting customers enables CloudFlare, there should be no noticeable difference to their website. If the site is loading slowly after enabling CloudFlare or there is an error page, there is most likely a problem. First, the customer should disable CloudFlare by clicking the orange cloud so it becomes gray. Second, your support team should contact CloudFlare’s support.

In the Support Ticket to CloudFlare, include:

The domain
Details about the issue
Error page description

The customer cannot access their website. They are seeing a:

502 Bad gateway cloudflare-nginx error page

CloudFlare’s network is having an issue. We monitor for errors like these very closely. Our most up to date network system status is on @CloudFlareSys

CloudFlare runs several data centers around the world and often issues are isolated to one server in one data center so even though some visitors are affected, other visitors around the world will not see the same error.

Our Technical Operations team clears issues very quickly.
If one of your users is seeing this type of error page, they can:

Open a ticket with the CloudFlare team with the geographic location of where the error page was seen
It is best if an output of a traceroute is included
Temporarily toggle CloudFlare to off (gray cloud)

"Website is currently unavailable"

This error page appears when CloudFlare cannot connect to the origin server and CloudFlare does not have a copy of the website in its cache.

CloudFlare cannot connect to the origin server in two situations:

The server is online, but something on the server is blocking CloudFlare’s requests.

If the origin server is online, but this error page is displaying, something is blocking CloudFlare’s requests. The most common cause is a firewall. The website owner should make sure all of [CloudFlare’s IP addresses]( are whitelisted.

The origin server is offline.
When the origin server goes offline, CloudFlare tries to serve a copy of the webpage from its cache. If CloudFlare does not have a copy in its cache, then this standard error page appears. The website owner should work with you to determine why their server is offline.

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